15 years ago I captured this picture of my daughter holding onto my finger. She was only a few months old and I remember vividly the feelings that surrounded this period of time in our lives.  September 11 was suppose to be like any other day.  I was preparing breakfast for her two older brothers, trying to get them out the door for school.  Like any other busy home at 7am on a Tuesday morning, life was hectic… until I noticed what was flashing across the TV screen. It seemed for a moment everything froze… Life changed dramatically that day for many of us.  I wanted to pull my children close and not let them out of my sight.  I remember feeling fear and disbelief I had never experienced before.

The old saying that “you never know what you have until it’s gone” never held more meaning for me than it did that day.  Why is it that we take for granted some of the most wonderful things in life and fail to show our love or appreciation until its too late?  Why does it often take a great loss to awaken us to the treasure we had?

15 years ago today I noticed with greater detail the sparkle in my 6 year olds eyes, the inquisitive questions of my 3 year old, and the soft tender folds of my little daughter’s hand wrapped in mine.  What happened that day was horrible and changed us all.  As a country we mourned together.  But as a nation we pulled together.  We loved and supported people we had never met.  Many gave their lives to save another.  In honor of those that lost so much, I feel I have a responsibility to live more fully.  We never really know what tomorrow may bring, but we have today.