Too busy for therapy?

Too busy for therapy?

It seems there is never a convenient time to attend to the things that matter most.  For many of us, every moment of our day, and seemingly every day of the week is already accounted for.  Your friends may talk about the life changing benefits of working with their therapist. You promise yourself that once work slows down or the children are all in school, then you’ll make more time for yourself.  You may have good intentions around finding the perfect therapist and starting therapy, but the reality of fitting one more thing into your calendar can feel daunting.

Does that mean therapy is completely out of the question for you? 

Maybe not.

Why add therapy into your already busy schedule?

What many of us fail to recognize is that a large part of the stress we feel is simply a symptom of neglected and unresolved issues we pack around year after year.  Not having the time to address these issues can leave you stuck in a perpetual pattern of never having time. You may have learned that your needs don’t matter.  Maybe you struggle to say no.  Perhaps your attempt to make everyone happy, leaves you drained, empty, and ultimately unhappy.

Additionally, life has a way of showing us that work doesn’t really slow down, and although our family or living situation might change, new demands quickly fill our time.  You are the only one that has the power to change what you may believe you are powerless to do.  Self-care becomes that elusive luxury you hear your friends talk about, but just not obtainable for you. They speak of taking a vacation, joining the gym, pursuing a beloved hobby, maybe even getting a massage. And, if they are really good friends, they encourage you to make real change in your life such as seeking support, working through past hurts, and possibly following through with therapy.  We each  have our own unique issues we’re dealing with, and can benefit from support and the help of a professional perspective in navigating that path. 

I have always lived a busy and hectic life. Is therapy really worth it?

Life can feel like a bit of a mouse wheel, where there is not much time in your schedule for anything other than what is absolutely necessary. If you’ve learned that this is the only way to survive, you are most likely depleted both emotionally and physically.  When your schedule doesn’t allow for rest, rejuvenation, or healthy connections, you are actually limiting your ability to do so much more. Mental and physical exhaustion can impact:

  • Sleep
  • Managing emotions
  • Physical health  
  • Stress levels 

All of which can be addressed in therapy.

In therapy you can place all obligations aside, and take time to explore what you’re feeling, and understand where it’s coming from. Therapy is a safe place to learn healthy responses and even heal from old hurts.  And, you get support to help you power through, even with a busy schedule. 

Okay, I get it… therapy can help, but how do I make time in my busy schedule?

There are a number of options based on what might work best for you.  While the common therapy approach is weekly 50 minute appointments, some clients choose to cut down on travel time by asking for longer sessions and choose to meet less frequently. Others find that online therapy is most convenient for their busy schedules.  With online counseling, you get greater flexibility in scheduling.  Some find that they enjoy not having to miss meeting with their therapist in the case of illness or vacation. You can stay right in the comfort of your own home (or wherever you feel comfortable). If you don’t have time to drive to an office, or if you prefer to stay in the privacy of your own office, online therapy offers a convenient alternative to traditional in person therapy.  And, some clients use both options, depending on their schedule from week to week.

Not sure if online therapy is for you?  

We are aware of the many challenges our clients face and want to do all we can to make getting help a little easier to do.  If you still have questions, please give us a call.  We look forward to helping you make your life a little less busy and a lot more enjoyable.