Online Therapy

Is online therapy right for me?

There are many reasons to choose telehealth or online therapy. Receiving therapy online can be convenient and for some, less anxiety provoking than traditional therapy. It can widen the pool of therapists for you to choose from so you can find the best fit for you. Also, it can reduce missed appointments due to illness, family/work schedules,  transportation, or other logistical issues.

If you’re deciding whether online therapy could work for you, it will help to ask yourself some questions beforehand. Remember, what works for some people may not work for you, so determining what is a good fit for you is key. The following questions can act as a guide in helping you make this important decision.


Is my therapist licensed?

Just as you would expect to be working with a licensed professional if you went to therapy in an office, you should be able to verify the credentials of the person you’re working with online. Also, even if your therapist has a license, make sure that they are qualified to provide mental healthcare in your state.  It is also important to ask if your therapist is trained or specialized to help you with your particular issue.  If not, ask them if they have recommendations of a therapist that may be a better fit for what you are wanting to work on…

  • What type of license does my therapist hold? 
  • Do they specialize or have unique training to help me with my specific issue? 
  • Will I always be meeting with the same therapist?

        Is it secure?

        Any therapist offering online therapy should be able to reassure you that your sessions are completely confidential through the use of a secure platform.  You can ask about things like encryption and privacy and how your data is stored. Remember, therapists are professionals at keeping things secure. They are bound by the law and ethics to keep your information private, and it’s a responsibility they take very seriously.

        How does payment work?

        It’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with the costs of therapy beforehand.  Therapy is an investment in you.  It’s important to understand the costs and then budget accordingly. You can ask your potential therapist:

        • How will they process payments?
        • Will they store your credit card on file? 
        • Will your therapist send you an invoice or receipt?
        • Do they accept insurance?
        • Can I pay with a Health Savings Account (HSA)?


        Woman on couch doing online therapy from home

        What do I need to get started?

        In meeting with your therapist, make sure you have a private space (home or personal office) with access to a computer or phone.  Do you have a reliable internet connection? Is there software you will need to download prior to your first appointment? Will a link be sent to you through email? What happens if one or both of you have technical difficulties? It’s a good idea to have a plan in place for what happens if your primary method of communicating goes awry.

        Is online therapy as effective as in office appointments?

        Although telehealth isn’t new, it became more popular out of necessity during the outbreak of Covid-19. Online appointments became common practice for many professionals including doctors, lawyers, counselors, and even school teachers! And with time, many professionals and their clients or patients discovered the convenience and effectiveness of online appointments and haven’t looked back!  Telehealth provides access to therapy for many people that would otherwise not be able to reap the benefits. Whether your reason has been that you’re too busy, or you fear the stigma of being seen by someone in a waiting room, or you simply prefer to stay in your pajama bottoms and tackle life remotely – online therapy can be the answer.


        If you’re still on the fence with how to fit therapy into your life, we get it. Online therapy isn’t for everyone, and that’s okay!  We offer both online and in-person therapy, and would love the chance to help make scheduling just a little easier.  Call now to book your first appointment!