The other day I was feeling a little under the weather. I had a sore throat and stuffy nose. It was slightly overcast and cloudy outside but the temperature was still an obnoxious 93 degrees. I wanted to sip something hot and cuddle in a blanket, but it seemed weird since my air conditioner was still running in non-stop mode. It wasn’t until I pulled an armful of warm sheets out of the dryer that I decided to give into my unseasonal wants. I haphazardly flopped on my unmade bed and burrowed inside the layers of warmth with only my face being exposed to the cool air falling on me from the ceiling fan. The rest of my body was softly cocooned and for a moment was reminiscent of being tucked in bed by a loving parent or tended to by a compassionate nurse; maybe even spa-like… minus the masseuse.

The moment was short lived but glorious! It didn’t make my cold go away but it sure felt good to slow down and give my body a small break. I wish I would listen to that little voice inside me that wants to be taken care of more than the responsible one that is often too rational. What have you done lately to nurture you and respect that little voice inside your head?