As a team, we have discussed on numerous occasions the gap between good quality therapy services and cost.  Very few options exist in our area that meet this need and for that reason we have decided to now offer select therapy services at a deeply discounted rate in an effort to make therapy more affordable and accessible to all.  At Desert Consulting, services are provided by licensed therapists, pre-licensed therapists, and therapy interns. All services by interns and pre-licensed therapists are overseen by an approved supervisor and provide a cost effective way for therapy to be available to anyone that so desires.

Is an Intern or Pre-licensed Therapist Right for Me?

  • Do you struggle with depression or anxiety?
  • Do you have goals that you have not been able to achieve due to feeling overwhelmed by life demands?
  • Do you wish you could have healthier, stronger, and more meaningful relationships?
  • Do you want to take steps toward healing but felt concerned by the cost of therapy?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then working with one of our interns or pre-licensed therapists may be a great option for you.

Benefits to Working with a Pre-licensed Therapist or Intern

All licensed professionals undergo a period of supervised clinical experience. During this period, they provide services under the supervision of a licensed professional and are held to the same professional and ethical standards as a licensed professional. Pre-licensed therapists and interns review and consult with their supervisors on all their counseling cases.  This relationship between intern and supervisor helps ensure you receive high quality care.

Pre-licensed therapists are professionals that have completed all requirements necessary in obtaining their Master’s degree, including the completion of over 500 face-to-face therapy hours.  However, in working toward their full licensure, they are required to work an additional 4000 hours while being directly supervised.  Recent graduates enter the field of counseling with excellent knowledge and experience to help you meet your therapeutic goals.

Interns are students currently in a Counseling Master’s degree program at an accredited university. Being a student in a graduate degree program requires daily active academic, professional, and personal development.  These Master level students are up to date on latest evidence-based theories & techniques.  They are eager to apply the theories and modalities for which they are continually strengthening their expertise to enhance your counseling experience. Although counseling interns are still completing their counseling program, they are active in the process of strengthening their skills, which are being graciously fine-tuned through direction from supervisors and faculty. Additionally, working with counseling interns can be a uniquely refreshing experience. Being new to the field, counseling interns are in a learning mindset and filled with optimistic energy.  

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