My son is a budding photographer. Ok, in all honesty he is in total bloom. He has created some amazing images and won awards around the state, and although I admire his skills, there is something more about him that I find fascinating. This kid finds beauty and interest in what many would deem quite ordinary. We recently took a trip to Canada and as we were enjoying the amazing view of Lake Louise in Banff, he became captivated by a striking fellow standing near us. This man permitted our son to take his photograph and we enjoyed small talk as tourists. In this moment I was reminded of how wonderful it is to see the whole picture, quite literally I guess. Sometimes we can miss so much of the beauty around us when we only focus on the goal. Our goal that day was to arrive at the lake. Your goal today may be to run that extra mile or maybe just get that last load of laundry done. Either way, don’t forget to step back just enough to see who else may be standing just outside of your view. We can arrive at a destination, but we must not forget to enjoy the journey along the way.