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Brandon Andrus, LCSW

For over 20 years, I have focused on individuals and families struggling with trauma, attachment issues, executive functioning disorders, and social deficits. Many of these clients have diagnoses such as high functioning Autism Spectrum Disorder, Non-verbal Learning Disorder, and ADHD. Common issues such as anxiety and depression, often negatively impact these relationships and limit ones ability to function day to day.

It’s common for many individuals to turn to video games, smart phones and other screen addictions as a means of coping. Ultimately they may struggle to manage social media in a healthy way. These struggles often lead to drops in school attendance, grades, and a decreased capacity to meet the demands of daily responsibilities. These combined issues can delay the natural process of transitioning from home into the workforce, attend college, or otherwise launch.

In addition to specializing in Autism Spectrum Disorders, I have also been trained in Lifespan Integration therapy which allows me to help my clients effectively navigate trauma issues and PTSD.

I have been privileged to work with so many unique and amazing people and have learned a great deal from each of them. Being born and raised in St. George, Utah, my family and I enjoy road tripping, mountain biking, scrambling through slot canyons in the desert, and taking in all the fun that the nearby lakes have to offer.   I also love epic Lego building sessions on the living room floor with my two boys.
I would be privileged to work with you. Reach out and schedule an appointment or schedule a brief free phone consultation to see how I can help.