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Services Provided

Areas of interest include:

*  Individual and Couples Therapy
*  Depression/Anxiety/Anger
*  Sexual Dysfunction/Abuse Trauma/PTSD
*  Addictions/Substance Abuse/Pornography
*  Communication Issues 


Individual Therapy


One on one therapy is a great place to begin addressing problems that may be specific to you.  The first step is to identify the outcome you hope to accomplish.  The next step is implementing methods that allow for healing or clarity with current issues that may be disrupting your life.  Individual therapy often involves learning skills that help you to maintain the progress you’ve made.  Some examples of what brings people into therapy include the following, but this list is certainly not exhaustive:





·      Overcoming depression, anxiety, stress


·      Dealing with grief, loss, loneliness





·      Addressing abuse, trauma, PTSD





·      Managing anger issues





·      Working through addictions and compulsive behaviors





·      Overcoming codependency & developing healthy boundaries





·      Resolving career conflicts


·      Strengthening self-esteem








·      Healing from childhood wounds and attachment injuries





·      Learning effective parenting skills




Couples Therapy


When working with couples,  your relationship becomes the client.  Our efforts are focused on helping each partner to feel deeply understood and then make necessary changes that will benefit the relationship.  At times we may meet with each person individually to assess issues and concerns that may be hindering you from having the relationship you desire; much of the time though, sessions will be together.  You will learn effective ways to communicate your needs and also strengthen your ability to truly hear and respond to your partner in a validating manner.  Often you will be given assignments that allow you to practice the very principles that are taught while we’re together.  The couples we see range from those simply wanting to improve their connection to those dealing with the damage of infidelity and the consideration of divorce.  We also offer pre-marital counseling.













Sexual Issues


The number one sexual problem that American couples face is inhibited sexual desire (ISD).  The second most common issue is differences between couples in sexual desire.  In addition to these common complaints there are also a number of issues that plague couples including painful intercourse, premature ejaculation, and erectile dysfunction.  What many people don’t know is that most sexual issues can be corrected in therapy and rarely require medication.  We will often recommend that you see your doctor to make sure that there aren’t any serious medical conditions that require treatment.  There are some cases where collaborating with your doctor can be helpful in addressing problems associated with hormone imbalances or even switching medications that may be interfering with healthy sexual functioning. 












When the mind and body are exposed to a distressing event that triggers a strong, emotional response, it can create unpredictable emotions, flashbacks, strained relationships, and even physical symptoms like headache or nausea.  Issues around abuse, trauma, or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), can be caused by a one-time event or an ongoing occurrence of repeated events. The victim is often left feeling scared, vulnerable, and anxious.  Although some common examples may be the exposure to an accident, rape, or natural disaster, many clients come seeking relief from anxiety triggered by events in their life that may seem less catastrophic.  The event itself is usually not the issue however.  It is the emotional reaction to what we have experienced that tends to cause the greatest problems in daily functioning.  Therapy works in a number of ways to help you emotionally move forward and convince that traumatized part of you that it is no longer stuck.  Cecilie is trained in Lifespan Integration Therapy, which is a new method that promotes rapid healing by relying on the mind-body connection to heal itself.  Click here to learn more about Lifespan Integration Therapy.





Quitza - Smoking Cessation

We proudly support and provide therapy services for those seeking to quit smoking.  Click here for more information.

























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